Other games this weekend

Other games this weekend


Man United beat Liverpool 2-1.

Rashford with both United goals.


That’ll teach bindippers to sit at our table down the pub.


You’ve got to LOL at the West ham bellends. They’ve had to tell Gold and Sullivan to leave the stadium before they’re lynched.



They have made their point and made it well.


If their point is “Look at us, we’re mindless goons with barely a braincell between us” then yes, they have made it well.


I suspect the Premier League may have something to say about the inadequate Policing and lack of stewards too.





Come on Chelsea


Villa vs wolves about to start. Lee Hendrie is pitchside. He looks like he’s recently been injecting into his neck.


Chesea have scored against Palace


Villa v wolves has been good. Some quality players on display.


Chelsea have scored against Palace again


Bournemuff 1:0 Hot Spuds

Should be 2:0 up tbf


Spurs losing 1-0 to Bournemouth who had destroyed them in the first 10 minutes. This is the one occasion when I actually want spurs to win.


Why’s that Big Boy?


In the vain hope that Bournemouth get dragged into the relegation battle. I’m talking to my brother and have decided the only way we can survive is if either palace and stoke lose every game or West ham get 3 points deducted and lose every game.


Listened to the Arse-nal v Twatford commentary by Motty & Claridge.

Proof positive that Motty should have retired years ago.


Two Dele specials in the box would suffice