:pl::efl:⚽ Other Games this week

Tbh one week of their salary would see me retired in luxury here


Manure retake the lead with 4 minutes of the 90 to go at Villa Park… 1 - 2

From a West Ham fan…


The pair of them are collecting trophies of high scoring losses with nil scored.
They have two 9-0, and now a 6-0!

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Blimey Nigeria have taken the lead against a totally dominant Ivory Coast :open_mouth:

And they lost. Abidjan has gone beserk

2-1 Ivory Coast

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Palarse take the lead against Chelsea. 1-0 30 mins.
Chelsea playing it around like Saints…only at quarter the pace.


Change of tactics for the second half, Palace have apparently decided not to bother marking or closing down. Chelsea given more space in the build up to their equaliser than they got in the whole of the first half.

Palmer & Gusto finished off a good GPL week for me at last

Leicester 1-0 Sheff Wednesday 3 mins

Leeds score.
Bamford hot injured in warm up

corrected for you

I was typing ffs

Leicester 2 up
Leeds 3 up

Leeds now four up. :unamused: RM’s old club doing us no favours.

Ipswich 3-0 up to Millwall at Half Time


Finished 4-0.

Going to be tough finish for us…

Fucking Leeds already one up.

Plymouth giving this a proper go, but don’t have the quality to do any damage. Looking very likely that Leeds will finish it off on the break…

…which duly happens. 0-2, game over.