:pl::efl:⚽ Other Games this week

Luton v Arse is a cracker.
Comedy mistakes from both teams and now 3-3 as Arsenal equalise after 2xRaya howlers

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6 min of injury time
Hoof ball up
96m 31 s
Rice wins it


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Can’t help feeling a bit for Luton. :frowning::smile:

Wow. Amazing stuff by Trippier - gotta be loadsa points for my FPL team.
2 Assists in the same game

Both for Everton

Who move out of the bottom 3 if they win tonight

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And he gets a THIRD assist!
Plays Beto marginally onside after a long VAR check - 3-0
some very strange EPL results this mid week
Spurs Wet Spam 1-1

I benched JWP in my FPL this week

1-2 Wet Spam

Me too :pensive:

Bournemouth take the lead at Old Trafford.

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Having benched HWP. I forgot to change todays team.
So left Solanke on the pitch!:champagne::man_dancing::beers:

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Watching the lunchtime game Palarse Vs Snivellin Scouse Wretches. Palarse leading against woeful Scousers until ref decides an innocuous tackle by Ayew is worthy of a second yellow.
All of a sudden the struggling wretches find a new lease of life to score two goals to win the game.
When asked to nominate MoTM the pundit fails to give credit where it was surely due.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Bwahahahahaaa! 4-0 Bournemouth!

Booooo disallowed :lou_sad:

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:eyes: :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

7 minutes 1-0 Villa

VAR desperately trying to find a way of allowing the Arsenal “goal” despite a clear handball.

Goal disallowed, so they don’t think they can get away with this one.


Another example of players dropping like stones at the slightest of touches. :rage:

Game’s gone soft.

Luton go ahead on the stroke of half time :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

City must have had about 80% possession.

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Whoops :-

Fulham 3-0 West Ham
Luton 1-0 Man City 'dross Townsend with the assist…


Fulham now 5 up
Man city 1-2 up
Everton 2-0 Chelsea