:pl:⚽:efl: Other Games this week. Well Wrexham really

Can they fuck it up?
BT Sport 1 or Soccerstreams down the bottom

44 seconds Boreham score 0-1
Netflix drown in jism

Meanwhile Mahrez scored a hat trick in the semi-final.
First since 1749 or something
Oh & skates can’t reach the playoffs


Everything about this game is vibe & passion.
And skills surprisingly

46th goal of the season

And he does it again out of nothing
Paul Mullin is pure Hollywood


Limbs & scenes

You have to feel sorry for the yanks- next season their team is going to be gutted and there is fuck all they can do about it


9 mins gone. Newcastle 3 Spurs 0. :rofl:

Now 4-0 after 18.

5-0 20 gone. Along with most of the Spurs fans.

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Not only do we want 9…we insist on 10.

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Bournemouth 0-2 West Ham

Booo, only 5 at Barcodes at half time. Slackers.

Those warning sirens are coming an hour too late for Spurs.

I ran into the lounge thinking another goal had gone in.

Forster would have saved most of those shots
And he comes on at HT!

Hugo Lloris injured.
Bad back obv

Boo. No 9-0
Kane earns me FPL points