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Man utd 1-0 Everton at half time

Pickford beaten on near post. Looked like a slight deflection.

How shit you must be if Dross Townsend scores against you…

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Everton get a second
No they dont VAR comes to Utd rescue

Davies had all the time in the world to stick that away himself.

Sancho at the other end weakly tapping a half-hearted scuff straight to Pickford, after being teed up superbly by Ronaldo.

Awful miss

Brighton arsenal 0-0 at half time

C’mon Arse.
Gotta keep my stupid Superbru run going!

Finished 0-0

half times so far today

Palarse back in it with two second half goals…Vestagaard heavily involved (ie culpable) in the equaliser.

West ham get back in it but Brentford win it at the death.


Milner avoids a nailed on cert of a sending off for a second offence because he’s a Scouser playing at home.
Liverpool break shortly after to score.
2 - 1 76 mins.

Milner cynically substituted shortly after.

De Bruyner equalises 80 minutes.

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Pep has a point. Matip just booked for a cynical trip. Absolutely no difference to Milner’s foul.

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How did Firmino miss the open goal?

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When did Liverpool last have to play the last 20 minutes of a home game with 10 men? I suspect it was a a very long time ago. :rage:

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In a galaxy far away


…which, oddly enough, is exactly where I’d like them to be. :rage:

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