:pl: Other Games - Game Week 37+

Penultimate games of the season for everyone, still a lot to be decided…

Oh and there are 2 FA Cup semi finals this weekend as well

Today is Arsenal V Man City (19:45)
Tomorrow is Chelsea v Man United (18:00)

What odds on a Manchester derby for the final?

Ooo eer…Norwich go into the half time break with 9 men and down 0 - 1…let’s see how the second half goes. :lou_facepalm_2:

A couple of brainless incidents get two sent off. 11 vs 10 you still have a chance in a rearguard action, 11 vs 9 naaa.

…then when you think you are doing quite well with 9 men after 80 minutes, you give away an own goal. :lou_facepalm_2:

Naarch 0 - 2 Burnley

So 11th is best we can hope for now.

Had to look it up. Cedric came ones 75th min sub against Huddersfield, so is cup-tiedfor tonight.


Pah I knew that.
Twas mentioned during dippers game

2-0 to the Arsenal, City looked devoid of ideas.

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Beating City is sooooo passe.


Fixed. :+1::+1:


Fred living down to expectations. Chelsea on top at the moment.

Oof, poor old fernandes. :confounded: I felt that.

Another manager learns how to play a Manc team from Ralph.
Tbf. Jonas actually said that on TV as well just now

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Only took 1 minute after half time for Chelsea to double their lead…Mount 46 minutes… 2 - 0

London derby here we come :+1: :+1: :smile:


3-0 wow

For sure 3 - 0 Maguire og 74 mins

De Gea has been absolutely dogshit


Tidy enough game from Wolves and Palace, but not much to get the pulse racing. Most exciting moment so far was Zaha taking ages to decide which colour boots from his extensive wardrobe he wants to flounce around in. They brought out four or five pairs for him to choose from.


…and having said that, absolute quality goal from Otto. Beautiful spin on the spot, turn and fire it in almost blind. Brilliant buildup work from Traore as well.


Squeeky Bum time down Dorset way…25 minutes gone and no score yet at Watford.