:pl:⚽ Other Games - Game Week 18 2021/22

I don’t think there is going to be a game week 18, or if there is it will be a very delayed Game Week 18

Did I read somewhere, on here or elsewhere, that the clubs can get fined if they don’t fulfill their tv commitments?

Leeds getting comprehensively dismantled by the arse. One way traffic/men against boys/other cliché…

…and 3 nil, after a really unlucky deflection from a Saka effort which was otherwise easily covered by Melier. When you’re down, those things always go against you, always.

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Yep 0 - 3 after 41 minutes. Leeds look so open…the Arse have so much time on the ball it’s about as easy for them as it was for City earlier in the week.
The Arse have had 13 shots on goal, 9 on target.

Indeed. It’s an arse reaming. :flushed::flushed:

Doing us a favour though. :+1::+1:


Gonna need all the FPL points I can get from Gabrielle & Smith Rowe

Bielsa must be the next manager to go

Yep he’s a sitting target, oh, I mean a crouching target.

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Consolation goal for Leeds. Penalty, shortly after their 72-minute first shot on target :smile:

Arsenal respond by shifting immediately into “see out the game” mode, for which read “fall over in agony whenever an opponent gets within touching distance, and stay down til the ref sees through it.”


You’re in luck.

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Sounds like the Yorkshire CC coaching staff were sat behind the Arsenal bench.

Good old Newcastle. Still giving us all a good laugh, in trying times.


…and another good laugh, no mix up this time, just quality… 0 - 2

Mind you City get away with another Top 6 VAR decision.


Spuds 1:0 Bin dippers


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Kane a lucky boy with that tackle, a notTop 6 club player would have been sent off, wait…

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Kane off…VAR…Kane stays on…another Top 6 VAR decision.
JWP got sent off and suspended for 3 games for less. :rage:


How come Sideshow Bob is playing for Spuds

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And that miss was Sideshow Bobesque…