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Dusan Tadic captains the Ajax side against Van Dijykless Scousers this evening.

Jeez Citeh v Porto is seriously slow

Ajax scousers isn’t a bad game, apart from the dippers being 1 up from a comedy own goal.


Heartbreaking news this evening.
Liverpool’s stand in CB Fabinho has been taken off injured early in tgec1st half



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Epic fail by the Krasnador keeper.
Reminded me of when I got stuffed in goal as a nipper & conceded 5.
0-1 Chelsea

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Ziyech has less composure in the opposition box than Redmond!

You woke me up fot that :roll_eyes:

And Ziyech scores.
Someone else scored while I was vodkaizing myself

4-0 Pulisic.

There are Chelsea fans IN THE STADIUM!

United goal looked offside

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4-0 85 mins Martial penalty

Didn’t realise you actually slept going by the times of your posts :joy:


It was 5-0 quite a shock result then

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I have work to do that in start back next Thursday :grinning: :grinning:

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Spurs 1 down to Antwerp, a well hit rocket shot after Antwerp stole the ball from some Tottengam defensive dithering…

Leicester 1 up, a Vardy penalty

Lille 0 Celtic 2 both scored by Elyounoussi. !st was rather good.

Lille need to get Fonte off the bench.

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Mourhino obviously not happy with his team’s performance, he’s made 4 changes at half time…

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How many subs can they have btw - read the BBC which mentioned keeping Kane in reserve.

Why not allow Maureen to change the whole team and start again? :roll_eyes:

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