:pl: Other Games, "Boxing Day" 2019

Spurs have started the ball rolling by beating Brighton 2-1.

Other games today/tomorrow are, all KO 15:00 GMT unless otherwise stated

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal
Aston Villa v Norwich City
Crystal Palace v West Ham United
Everton v Burnley
Sheffield United v Watford
Manchester United v Newcastle United (:clock530: )
Leicteser City v Liverpool (:clock8: )


Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City (19:45)

Meanwhile Auchtermuchty 1-7 Dysart with both sides still looking drunk from last night. Quite literally a Spirited game this morning on our sloping pitch

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At the half we have

AFC Bournemouth 1-0 Arsenal
Sheffield United 1-1 Watford

All the rest are stuck at 0-0

73’ Bournemout 1 - 1 Arsenal
74’ Aston Villa 1 - 0 Norwich City
77’ Crystal Palace 1 - 1 West Ham United
76’ Everton 0 - 0 Burnley
63’ Sheffield United 1 - 1 Watford

FT AFC Bournemouth 1-1 Arsenal
FT Aston Villa 1-0 Norwich City
FT Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham United
FT Everton 1-0 Burnley
85’ Sheffield United 1-1 Watford

Currently :-

Man United 1 - 1 Newcastle United

4-1 to Manchester United, still 40 minutes to go

Newcastle the architects of their own downfall to be fair

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Cuntspool more like.

Currently 0-4 at Leciester

I’ve heard the screams from downstairs. That’s first vs second right there. The same squad that nearly made it last year (no new additions, remember) is presently making the Prem look easy.

I do wonder whether other clubs might look at the transfer policy last year and emulate it. Everton would do well not to have an influx of 6-10 players every season.

Well, as Liverpool’s transfer policy up to now has meant tapping up and then nicking Southampton’s best players, if reports about Everton sniffing round Danny Ings and trying to get inside his head and unsettle him are true they have already made a start at emulating their neighbours from the other side of Stanley Park. They can fuck right off!

Most of the players were taken under Rodgers. To be fair to Brendan, he’s doing very well with Leicester, but I always felt at the time that Southampton players were about the level of player he could attract.

VVD is a bit different, as he’s genuinely world class.

Unless we get another world beater in our ranks, I think we’re safe for now. Don’t think Ings would be that interested in Everton.

And a bit over half a billion pounds. Don’t forget that bit.
Their title(assuming they don’t slip up) will have actually cost more than man cities(however many).
They bought the league.

Wolves v City at the moment and City down to 10 men after Ederson takes out the Wolves striker.

I say “takes out” when in reality he jumped to block a shot and caught the bloke on the follow through. Bravo in goal for City now and Aguero off.

And he has, apparently, joined Andy Dibble in being a City goalkeeper sent off in the Premier League era…

Crazy start to WOLMCI.
Red card for Ederson at 12 minutes for professional foul coming after delay for head clash.


and now we’ve had a no penalty call turned over by VAR to a penalty. Mahrez did make a lot of it to be honest but he was caught by the Wolves player.

And the Wolves keeper saves Sterling’s penalty, but did he encroach?? VAR to check…and he encroached, City/Sterling to retake…

Penalty saved, again, but rebounds straight to Sterling who taps it in.

1-0 to City,

Commentator saying that the goal was controversial and that the game is being re-refereed by VAR…you just can’t win can you…

Crazy stuff.
Mahrez dive no it was a foul.
VAR Penalty.
Sterling misses.
Coady who gave it away then encroached.
Take it again time

Saved again rebound goes in

Do keep up @Polski_Filip

US stream :roll_eyes:

There was contact the dive would have stopped him giving the

Coady - what a twat for encroaching