⚽ :pl: Other games 5th 6th October

Brighton kick off against Tottenham

Brighton 1 up after a couple of minutes as Lloris hurts himself by falling in the net and leaving the ball to bounce on the line for a Brighton player to head in.

He’s stretchered off with a wounded ego.


Looked a fuckin’ nasty injury…elbow bent back the way it wasn’t designed to go. Long term injury by the looks of it.
How did we lose to Spuds…they look all over the place.

Brighton 2 up

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Brighton 3 up 64mins.

10 goals conceded by Spuds this week…still 25 minutes to go. :lou_lol:


Fucksake. Puts our result last week into perspective. Bazza must be loving this. All hail the mighty Bazza!

We may grumble & moan, but still life is better than being a Spurs fan at the moment


Fuck me, mane is such a better player /finisher now. And consistent.

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Full times

Brighton 3-0 Tottenham
Burnley 1-0 Everton
Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City
Norwich City 1-5 Aston Villa
Watford 0-0 Sheffield United

Well that’s my SuperBru’s up the swanny then, think I’ve only maanged 3 points so far…

I wonder what the odds are on the scousers not dropping a single point this season.

The PL is rapidly becoming like the jock league, two clubs so far ahead financially that the rest just start the season as also-rans.

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TBF it take a 94th minute soft penalty for them to win this one

I hate modern football full stop.


Well according to your scores I had 3 points but in reality only 1,5 because Liverpool won 2-1 not 2-0 :lou_is_a_flirt:

Woo. I got 4!!

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Still won it though, didn’t they :angry::angry:

  • Arsenal 1-0 Bournemouth


Manchester City

0 - 1


Man City 0-1 Wolves

Give the title to Liverpool now then…

Man City 0-2 Wolves FT
Arsenal 1- 0 Bournemouth FT

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Fuck sake, and we have Wolves soon after the international break…