⚽ :efl: :pl: Other Games - 29th Sep - 3rd Oct 2024

Wow, what is happening with Brighton, they can’t really blame it on European football can the

Aston Villa 6-1 Brighton

In the Championship yesterday

Sunderland 3-0 Sheffield Wednesday

Utd losing at home to palace
City losing away at Wolves
Arsenal Winning at Bournemouth
Newcastle winning at home to Burnley

luton 2-0 :lou_lol:

City have equalised at wolves then wolves take the lead again 2-1 Wolves

Spuds v Liverpool currently 1-1, with Liverpool down to 10.

Liverpool down to 9, 2 study yelled for Jota, the first could be considered unlucky.

Ha ha, Matip scores an own goal in the 96th minute. Almost the last kick of the match.

Spurs 2-1 Liverpool


He doesn’t miss those. :sunglasses::smile::smile:

I know he made their goal, but other than that, Richarlison was utter shite (again.)