Other Games - 16th Dec - 18th Dec

Other Games - 16th Dec - 18th Dec


Leicester playing like we did on Wednesday.

Benteke scores with a header. Zaha adds a second

Leicester 0 - 2 Palace.

From lions to pussycats.


Does that mean Palace are better than us AND Leicester



Relax…just a reflection on how poor Leicester are today.


Does it mean we should have gone for Hodgson and not Puel/Pelligrino/Fat sam?


Leicester have goal disallowed for a push in the box (correct decision) and then in the next attack have Ndidi sent off second yellow, for diving (correct decision) and waves away appeals for a penalty for Palace (incorrect decision).


Puel OUT!

Palace add a third in time added on.

Leicester 0 - 3 Palace FT

Booos greet Leicester at the final whistle.


It’s a funny old game.


The Palace result is all the more galling for us, a bunch of hairdressers and I do believe I said we need a hard man a long long time ago, weaklings.


Spurs are 4 - 0 down against City…does that make us better than Spuds?


Bompey are 3 down against The Bin Dippers at half time…Howe out!


Lovren scored too!


So did his mate with his missus didn’t he?