Other Games 11/12th November

Judging by Birmingham’s toothless showing against Sunderland, Rooney is on track to get sacked without winning a game. They looked hopeless. Bereft of ideas or a credible game plan, even after they equalised they always looked comfortably second best.

Well not sure what they expected when they employed the granny shagging twat who failed in the US… fucking miracles maybe after seeing his barnet regrow (before realising he had spunked that cash - would have been better off with an expensive syrup) - cunt

After being a Meme from corners for us but no output/goals
JWP has 2 assists direct from corners for wet spam today.
Glad i kept him in my FPL
(Its a great 2nd half v Forest 3-2 atm)

Cracking game Chelski v Citeh



Good game that

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Yep - apart from the show ponies intimidating the ref whenever they could. What was it 8mins extra time. If they’d behaved themselves then Citeh could have won with less extra time being played. Hopefully the penny will drop with the managers :roll_eyes:


Terrific game. Felt a bit sorry for Chelsea, that penalty against Cucurella was very harsh. Haaland clearly fouled him initially, I note VAR studiously ignored the shirt pull which allowed Haaland to get goalside in the first place.