Other Euro Games this Week

Currently watching Celtic vs. Man City.

Cracking game 2 -2 after 30 minutes.

Celtic got off to a good start going one up after 3 minutes. Most were hoping to see Rogers get a bloody nose and their defense does look vulnerable but going forward they look dangerous.

A lot more goals in this. :lou_lol:

Celtic do have a habit of one giant killing most years. I’m going to look at the odds.

Bollocks, they scored just before i got my bet done.

Cracking game this - just goes to show that a well organised team can pull the rug from under even the best teams!

Fucking hell, 3-3!

Only 54 minutes gone, what a game!

4-4 at 10/1 and 5-3 at stupid odds. Does it look like more goals?

I can almost guarantee that there’s at least another goal in this one. Very open game, end-to-end.

You could have said “at least another 2 goals”. :lou_lol:

But “very open” sounds positive.

10 minutes left, everything’s slowed down… can see this finishing 3-3 now!