🌭 Or you could be Ronnie Hotdogs

At the beginning of every episode of Athletico Mince, hosts Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson do a bit where they decide upon their formal names for the episode.

The form is:

  • You have three names given to you, each with a short bio
  • If you don’t like any of those names, you’re Ronnie Hotdogs.

My starter for ten.

  • Spanky McBeef - ultra prepper. Lives on an isolated dairy farm and enjoys a prolific studding record because he wanks all the bulls off himself.
  • Bob Brush - vacuum cleaner magnate, fucking loaded. Doesn’t like brushes, at all. Likes being called Bogbrush by people even less.
  • Jimmy Cunt - pronounced Jimmy Carr.
  • Or you could be Ronnie Hotdogs.

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