🚘 👩‍🏫 Online speed awareness course

Fuck me dead.

Barry’s corpse is into necrophilia by the sound of the opening post.


I’m in a queue to get in, online, this’ll be lethal boring, a right set up as well, fucking snide fixed camera, moving it for the Queens shilling.

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My old man had to do one in Worthing after getting caught in Newport South Wales.
Got a speeding ticket on the way to the Brighton :smile::smile:

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I got done in my new Mk2 GTi 16v in North Baddesley by a cop holding a hair dryer…Cunt. :rage:
A few years ago now.

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Nobody beats my ticket.
44 in a 30 limit.
By a Cop.
Sitting on my front garden
After I’d given written permission for them to be there



You monumental fucking idiot :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


50/50 :lou_wink_2:


I did one early in lockdown

It ok - they are a damn sight shorter and more convenient than having to do one in normal circumstances

I learnt a lot. So much so that I got nicked again three months later


One tea break, I’ve got every question wrong, the instructor almost feels my pain, I’m anywhere but here, I’ll even take the 3 fucking points and fine,

Well I pleaded that it was the first time I’d ever broken the speed limit but he didn’t listen…still got 3 points. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

They probably didn’t believe you.


I even made the Daily Fail.

(And people wonder why I left the country)

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Never driven a Model T…looks bloody complicated although I do think I could manage the hi-fi…

His first ticket was for not having a bloke running in front of the car waving a flag.


I ran him over…always been a fast driver.


@Barry-Sanchez did you pass the course then ?

Just got an email now, I haven’t been this happy since I won that goldfish on the common 40 years ago.


Awww…I hate to tell you the results…Your Speed Awareness Course has Fin Rot. :unamused:

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I did a speed awareness course a while back, I think I may have mentioned that it was held at my old junior school (which is now an adult education centre).

The course was actually in my old classroom which looks like it hadn’t changed in the near 40 years since I’d last been in it, now that was a sense of real disconnect.

Anyway, they said in the course that you have to declare that you’ve done a speed awareness course to your insurers. I think the feeling is most people were doing the course to avoid the points and any insurance hikes!!