Plenty of live streams for this and no mudder why can’t football stream like that :sunglasses:

Take That get it going & introduce Robbie who proceeds to show the world how good a singer I am by opening in the key of fat and flat. Angels caused a watering of the eyes while Special Branch look for who murdered it.

Pharrell didn’t do a bad job with Lucky but then invited Miley Cyrus to destroy Happy.

Niall now being politely patronising.

But credit to Ariane for doing this while my mind nags "What you gonna do for the victims in London and the ones that follow.

But good effort and it is special to be part of the global audience


Oh yes fingers yes I know it’s onelovemanchestet


I would say “that’s a pint you owe me” but I know I’d end up with the bill anyway.


Jeez Ariane is just so damned YOUNG.

Total respect to her and the team that did this

Oh and :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Black Eyed Peas & Ariane just knocked it outta the park & reduced the planet to blubbering wrecks


Bout sums it up



Katy Perry has morphed into Boy George.

Wtf did Russell Bland do to her?


I think she looks hot with short hair!




Oh yes. But somehow Ariane in that baggie sweat shirt is gonna be ingrained forever

As will be that clip of the Copper dancing in a ring with those little kids


creamy lips


Just lost it at this.








I seem to have a lot more respect than I ever thought possible for a young American songstress that before last week I had very little knowledge of.

Hats off.


Wholeheartedly agree and from my timelines on Social Media think a lot of my generation do as well.

And how the he’ll did she get through that last song?


Certainly not my scene but it sounds like an admirable event that ticked most boxes and shoved two fingers up to people who call for hate.

Though if they really wanted to show the world how you can unite when people are divided, surely the Gallaghers could have appeared together - that would have been the moment.


Interesting how Liam & Chris Martin kept looking to the side of the stage all the time, almost as if they were expecting someone to walk on.

But to be honest while it may have been an old fart moment, “Over the Rainbow” and the Dancing Cop were the RIGHT moments for the event.


Amazing concert. What a top young lady she is. Conducted herself with dignity and respect and wow, she can sing. :clap: