One Way Car Rentals In The US

I’ve been to the US quite a few times over the years (at my own expense of course) and always Fly Drive. I’ve only once had an open-jaws flight and that was back in the '70s.

This time next year we’re taking some virgins to see the “Wild West” so we’ll be doing all the tourist spots as well as some of my favourites but a one way rental seems to be the most sensible for our itinery. It used to be, you take a one way rental and not incur a drop-off charge if the start and finish were in adjoining states.

Anyone got recent experience with this?

Flying into either NV or AZ back from LA.

Car rental is seriously and ridiculously competitive now, so someone somewhere will have a deal to suit. I was there in July, not a one-way, but I ended up using sites recommended by Money Saving Expert site, including how to avoid the rip-off liability cover etc at a fraction of the usual cost.

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If you fly into Pheonix you have to go to Flagstaff, from there to all the things to see is West bound, great place, would live there in a heartbeat, there and Savannah, Georgia.

Do you have a link to the “liability cover rip-off” Bucks. They pray on you when you’re zonked after a long flight with the high pressure upgrade to a larger car and liability bit. I always resist but it’s good to have the definitive answer before you go.

I’ve known the delights of Flagstaff and surrounding area for nearly 40 years Bazza…this is a glamour shot of me near Wapatki Ruins with the San Francisco peaks and Sunset Crater in the distance from 1977…

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‘‘Is that a 70s porn star on my bonnet as he appears pleased to see me’’ :lou_surprised:

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