On-line buddies - good or scary?


It ‘s teenage mutants’ birthday.

unannounced Amazon parcel turns up with a relatively expensive condenser mic from an online friend - allegedly about 3 years older than son - they have been sharing music (playing live) for the last couple of years but have never met and has no idea of what he looks like.

Son is fairly certain they haven’t shared addresses

Son is uncomfortable and is going to return it and message the guy to say that’s generous but can’t accept it. - which I’m proud of.

Given we share many personal details and even quite a few meet in the real world do you agree that Mrs C_S going completely librarian is a fair reaction?

  • It’s fine
  • Freaks - every mutha freaking one of them
  • Meh

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if they have been friends for 3 years online how have they never exchanged some sort of picture ? instagram / facebook.

Thats where the scary bit would come in.

Why not?

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I’m a middle aged man grooming you all


Exactly - it’s been avatars - bit like here. In fact a lot like here…

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What’s your budget for “gifts”?

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Online friends can be perfectly fine people. I am still alive having met people who I’ve chatted to online.

However, receiving gifts from them if you haven’t shared your details is worrying. I was just today reading police reports about girls being groomed online. It happens to boys too. Internet safety really needs to be drummed into children a lot, because what I am seeeing at work is very worrying.

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I’m a twenty year old woman letting you.

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As long as he’s careful everything will be fine.


Your search history must be a thing of beauty


Are you hot?

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In all seriousness, masquerade as your son. Invite the weirdo to the pre match drinks, and then tell pap he is a stuck up posh public school boy. Weirdo gets a hiding and you have complete deniability.


Shit, fat finger down vote. Sorry

Here you go - complete fuckwitery by Amazon. We can return the gift as unwanted and Amazon will credit my account with the value of the gift. They won’t allow it to be returned to the sender / their account to be reimbursed because of Data Protection rules - which is a cop-out pile of pants.

I shall now be sending all of you 15 inch anal intruder vibrating butt plugs to your significant others safe in the knowledge that Amazon will not let you return the fuckers… Assuming you want to of course


Do they do different colours?

What would you / Mrs Goat prefer



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I didn’t see that coming…


Keep the stuff. Ditch the friend.

Fair point @dinger , but he knows where we live…Teenage Mutant is 99.99999% sure he didn’t pass on our address. Scary.

Anyway, advice on Mums Net is to ask for bank details, if none are forthcoming tell bloke we’ll make a donation to charidee…

So you had such little faith in the quality advice you’d get from sotonians that you also posted on mums net? Well fuck you!