👢 Off the artistic roll call

This is an older video, but it checks out. It’s Bill Hicks, slamming Jay Leno for being a sell-out.

In fact, he goes on to say “if you do a commercial, you’re off the artistic roll call forever”.

Who would you bung off the artistic roll call, and for what reason?

Gary Glitter is off because of the goatee.

He’s been off the artistic roll call for years on account of being a nonce.

C’mon. We want to break new ground here.

As an example of the sort of thing I’m after, I’ll provide a starter for ten.

Anyone in the media that hung out with Jimmy Savile by choice.

Gary Glitter because he hung out with Jimmy Saville


Dick :wink:

What about Terry Christian for the same reason?

Agreed. Gary Glitter because he hung out with Terry Christian.


Anyone who supports Man Utd because Terry Christian does.


Michael McIntyre because :-

a) he’s got as much artistic talent in his whole body as I have in the tip of my little finger (which I lost in a meat slicer incident BTW)
b) he’s a grinning twat.


Jimmy Carr.

Supreme tax evasion. Tells other people’s jokes and he’s fucking ubiquitous.

I loved Countdown when I was a student. He and Rachel Riley have ruined it all.

I call the show they do together Eight Out of Ten Cunts do Countdown, and Jimmy is about four of the cunts, having lost ground to Rachel in recent years.


Much as I like the choices of McIntyre and Carr, I think one could suggest that neither of them was ever on the artistic roll call in the first place. They are, though, a pair of grade A cunts.

I’d nominate Billy Connolly - great shame given that he’s suffering from Parkinson’s, but when you look at what a great comedian he was in his younger years, yet he ended up mixing with knobheads at polo matches, you can’t help but think that he forgot one fuck of a lot about where he came from.

The late Ray Manzarek, keyboard player in the Doors, and (to a lesser extent) Robbie Krieger, the guitarist, would also qualify. By contrast, John Densmore, the drummer, has always refused point blank, and still does, to allow any of the Doors’ music to be used in adverts. As the agreement of all surviving members is required, he’s had a veto all these years; the other two would have cheerfully allowed any amount of commercial exploitation. Densmore’s view is that they all made more than enough from royalties - and still do - so there’s no need to sully the music they made by hearing it in commercials.


Whilst I agree about Carr and the involvement of Riley in “8 0ut of 10” I’d hate to think Sean Lock could be contaminated by his involvement…his artistic integrity should be inviolate…

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Sorry, @lifeintheslowlane, you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

Fuck David Mitchell too.

Oh, and especially fuck Jeremy Webb.