Now TV if this helps


I cancelled Sky last year and have BT and tried watching the other through Kodi but got annoyed with the clamping down of streams and the qualityso Murdich the cunt has won but only on the basis of his non contract Now TV, I have a Roku stick which allows Now TV as an application and from this they’re doing a special of £16.99 for the first month and then after a fee of £33.99 for the 10 Sky sports channels in SD and its streamed so depending on your connection you could be watching stalling people filmed on a potato, anyway buy the £16.99 for the month and then cancel (you’ll still get you month’s worth it won’t stop) and say you can’t afford it and they’ll offer you 3 months viewing for £20 a month which seems far if you ask me.

The Ashes are coming up so to me its a no brainer as going to Sky will cost a fortunelike it did last time £127 a month!

Its is SD but I watch from well over 5 metres away so you can’t really tell.

Hope this helps sandal wearers and clappers.


Umm, are you saying you want to watch the Ashes on Sky?? Because if you are I wouldn’t bother, BT have exclusive coverage?


Do they? Fuck me I never knew that ha ha! Well you can still cancel at anytime so no dramas, I have BT so all good.


I’ll pay £6.99 or whatever it is to watch Saints on Now TV, via Roku stick on t’big telly or via BT with spare logon from my Bro’ in law. Otherwise streaming - still plenty out there.


I just can’t seem to get good streams anymore when the games are high demand, streaming off a laptop and then hdmi to tv is all well and good but its a pain in the arse, for near £80 I have a sky sports for 4 months albeit in SD and only in one room but it still is good value of you ask me.


Sportsmania £60 a year, all sports channels everywhere, and a lot of on-demand stuff

VPN ~£30 for 2 year subscription

Android box with KODI installed - ~£20

Setup free.


You know, reading Bazza’s posts often of reminds me of trying to read the stream-of-consciousness stuff in Finngan’s Wake.


I am dying here


Twice it seems


Does sportsmania have a waiting list? My mate is on a brilliant one but they aren’t taking on anymore people for a while, must be a server issue.


Sportsmania are currently having issues with their payment system and aren’t taking or renewing subs at the moment, until its sorted.

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So did Buffy. You’re in good company.

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