Now do you believe me we're struggling and shite?

I did say 3 months ago, you can’t say you haven’t been warned, also what about our owners, have they said anything? Can’t hear anything here in Liverpool, maybe closer to home you can pick something up?

Pick your own insults because I can’t be bothered to.

In St. Marys St yesterday and I overheard one of the owners say you were a comprete cletin.


Down voted Bletch for racism. Unacceptable in this day and age.

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All of the questions…none of the answers.

Sotonian’s own version ofDonald Trump with yet another LOOK AT ME POSTING.

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Come on barry sanchez.

For a moment imagine a long statement incoming on the sfc official site.

What would the owners statement need to say to make you happy?


He doesnt have a clue. It is just another stick used to beat the club with.

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Its Christmas Barry. Give us all a present and give it a break for a few days eh? AG was right. You would be much more at home over on Fiverweb.

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I know I’m only new here but I’m bored already. WTF was all the booing at SMS today at full time. We’re there to support and motivate the team aren’t we ? Booing … FFS ? I’ve never left a match without a sore throat but I guess it takes all sorts. Nowt as strange as folks. We limp on. COYR


Ah but in a blinding note of sanity…THEY BANNED HIM. :lou_lol:

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Goals, objectives and a sense of ownership of this situation along with the players, sounds fair if they’re a business to me?

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Krueger has already said that the plan is to get back into Europe. Perhaps the plan hasn’t changed? Ownership of the situation? You mean Mr Gao should take the blame for our poor form? Tell me how many owners of the clubs below us are making announcements to their fan bases?

Thats a lovely plan, we want to live on Mars but without substansive plans and policies its just pie in the sky and bollocks to the gullible masses, what has Goa said? His plans? His vision? His blueprint? Poor form, why? What reasons? Owners come in and state their intentions, I’m asking for a daily update but something we can hold them to so they’re accountable, sounds fair and it is supposedly our club? Or is that bollcks?

I couldn’t give a fuck.

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So much so as oppose to lurking you chose to write something…

I’m so glad Barry is here to tell us how shit we are. I was getting a bit sick of the endless happy clapping and positive posts. Why hasn’t anyone else noticed that things aren’t going too well? We owe Barry a big thank you for bringing Saints short comings to our attention. If only the Chinese were as vocal as Barry.


I guess you celebrated their equaliser today. You were strangely absent after Everton and the excellent performance at City.

With your continued moaning and avoiding all questions asked of you, I was going to say you have lost all credibility. But that would assume you had some once.

Good point my fine rotund high BMI’d friend, wouldnever have thought that given the points situation and general results…

Jeez Barry, look for the message you want and you’ll find it…

Personally I’ll follow the Saints if they stay up, drop down or even go back to the really bad days…what will you do Baz? Follow another club that meets your requirements in terms of owner investment and buying players YOU want?