No more White Hart Pain, Kane we be Spurred on to something, anything!

As it says, Wembley on Tuesday to take on the all conquering and finally getting their shit together Tottenham.

Hopefully Alli will be chargee with violent something, although I really doubt it.

We’re gonna get stuffed like a Christmas Turkey, it’s on the telly box too.

4-1 to the Spurs

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This’ll be great, I hope that black box is fired up and working as this game will show how truly shite we are.

Baz is going to be fucked when we win 0-3 :lou_lol:

What happened to fowl breath starting this thread even if you were meant too?

Boooooooo!! . I don’t boo normally as frankly it’s fucking ridiculous but Bazza The Sanch; that one was for you.

First time forum admittance:- I’m not always a well bunny, I alas get attacked by the rather cunty depression virus amongst other things.

I guess it’ safe to say my perspective of what’s really important has somewhat done a 360° turn these past few years. I find it hard to now get so worked up about a game that in all brutal honesty really don’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things. Loyalty means fuck all, you can’t relate to players who mostly don’t give a fuck about your life (and why should they??)

This ain’t the appropriate thread I know for further discussion of my health and i really hope its not interpreted as using my illness to score points. If it does I’ll delete it. That aside i hoped it may prompt you to confirm why you feel the need to spread such sorrow, especially at this already stressful time of year about something that really isnt quite that bad?

Thank you for inspiring my outpouring.


:lou_facepalm_2: thread title - BFlips his comedy lid to try and boost our chances, but delivers us a Mrs Browns Boys script. Please let us win and get Fowlwilly to use his masterful gags to change our fortunes.

Don’t care if we win or lose - I’ll have my feet up nursing the mother of all hangovers and forcing down the first beer of the day through acid indigestion*

*This is a statement of fact, not me trying to predict the future

Hot Spuds 3:1 Saints**

**This is me trying to predict the future

Alas I couldn’t afford to get Harry Kane in my fantasy team, so he will probably bag a hatful. I could afford Eriksen which means he won’t do anything so some small consolation I guess, I think I will still make him captain though…

Austin is out. We won’t score. We will lose.


Just call be bazza.

It’ only a 7:30 pm kick off here in Otres on the beach. Not a sign of a pub with a TV.

So if I can’ watch this a heroic result is on the cards.

I’ll console myself with 37 pence beer all day instead


And you will be happy as it will give you an opportunity to express the repressed anger that you store up through every day life. Perhaps though you could try therapy instead in 2018?

I’ll be fucked if we win 3-0

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You’d better hope the Ayatollah has got you a bucket of lube for Xmas then CB_S …just in case.



We’ll walk it which is a shame as they’ll be running tings. Chance for an upset (happy Barry), mostly us. Still a chance though motherfuckers. Let’s have it. :joy:


I think we’ll win 0-1. I don’t really give a fuck though because I’m busy enjoying my friends and family. Merry christmas everybody,. x.


Well whatever you think of me I have a massive respect for your honesty and hope you find a place where you’re happy, I am a very very lucky person mainly but I know of the black dog and again you have my respect.


Sat alone sometimes that black dog is all the comfort needed. Xxxx cunts

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Well there always a space at my table, we can call each other all the names under the sun, I couldn’t give a fuck xx


We will lose. By how many who knows, but let’s try and keep it low!

No time for loser’s

is this the music thread?