No broadband at all?

No broadband at all?


Sky are absolute crap but this is beyond, no broadband wireless in the house and sky and have spelt the password wrong and its my wifes account, I hate them with a passion, any solutions or things to try? I have reset the router, anything else?


Password to router or password to their online account ?

Sorry to be thick


And has this suddenly happened or is it part of a new setup ?


Password to our account, the lady said she can she the word but someone has spelt it wrong so as I am not the account holder I am goosed!


I take it you mean rebooted rather than reset the router. If that hasn’t solved the problem then I would suggest that there is a wider “broadband is down” problem in your area.

Do you have a WiFi connection to the router on any phones/tablets?



All laptops, ps4 and iphones aren’t working, just wired up the ethernet cable from the router to the laptop.



So either broadband is down in your area or your router is hosed.

Can you be a Bearsy Price Pikey and jump on your neighbours WiFi?


Sorry to ask in simple terms , do forgive. Do your phones etc show they are connecting to the sky box with the wifi symbol ? Is the router actually working ?

What lights are on on the router ?


It’s not gonna take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who, in Barry’s house, spelt his password wrong. Open+Shut. Next case pls.


Don’t bother. He don’t want help. He just wants to moan about Sky, and the EU.


Yes they do but they aren’t but the dial is spinning, ps4 can see the router but can’t connnect either, the router all 4 white lights are on.


wtf kind of internet router does barry have with spinning dials on it ffs


Again really really stupid question if you pick up the landline is there a dial tone?


it ain’t that he said he’s got broadband through the Cat5 cable thing, i think, reading between lines, he’s nalsed up his wifi, Probably put the password in wrong again.


No no landline.


could be problem with the landline imo


Who needs engineers?


Fucking bears, they take all the honey, they talke all the punchlines, they take the piss then they take the credit for solving a complex IT issue after some genius in Sussex has skillfully guided the caller to the problem.

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Caller, I’m not sure its skys problem I think BT are probably cockingabout with the exchange or something have you tried searching on phoneline problems in your area…I will hold…