Nigel Adkins ... And Sheffield United!

@SUFC_tweets: Welcome to the Blades @TheNigelAdkins #twitterblades

Blatter out, Nigel in, a good day for football.


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Blatter out, Nigel in, a good day for football.

And me and Tokes became bezzies. Good day for friendship building, trust, bridges, holding hands, doves, and world peace.

Lou, you’re such as push-over!

gr8 guy. Only went a bit mental towards the end, but it was at the same time that he was getting that stalker round his house tbf and anyone would find that a bit disturbing especially when they have Family. Wonder if they ever caught that stalker. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was someone off i.e. Saintsweb.

Edit: I mean Nigel Atkins, not Tokyo-Saint. Tokyo-Saint is not gr8 guy + no-one would bother stalking him.

We love Nige. How could you not?


Really happy for the guy. Hope he has some success (promotion) and moves on to a better job. I really dislike Sheff Utd, not really sure why. Just one of those illogical stances you take on some teams as you grow up with football I guess.

The whole Sean Bean whining after they got relegated never helped.

Adkins will always be a hero for me.

I think it’s probably Colin Wanker that has made you hate Sheff Utd by association!!

Didn’t he take that spoon and use NC’s personal toilet?

you guise suck! Someone was sposed to ask me for information bout the stalker! On saintsweb, someone would have asked me bout that. Prob MLG, and I could have trolled him with the great joke i was doing.

stupid papsweb

He had a stalker?! Tell us about the stalker Dr. Rosenpenis.

are u srs? you genuine don’t remember when Nigel had a stalker? It was quite big news at the time IIRC in all the papers and on Saintsweb & on tv. You srs don’t remember?