NFL week 8

Been a little busy with Halloween Cheesecakes last couple of days, so maybe a shortened version this week.

Dolphins 7-36 Patriots (fins this week get hammered, but expected as the Brady bunch go 7-0.

Lions 10-45 Chiefs

Chargers 26-29 Ravens

Bengles 16-10 Steelers (Bengles get their best ever start to the season)

Titans 6-20 Texans

Vikings 23-20 Bears

Buccaneers 23-20 Falcons

Giants 49-52 Saints (what a game this was, no defences but what a game).

49ers 6-27 Rams

Cardinals 34-20 Browns

Jets 20-34 Raiders

Seahawks 13-12 Cowboys

Packers 10-29 Broncos

playing in a few hours

Colts @ Panthers

Colts 26-29 Panthers

just watched this, what a great game! The Panthers march on!