🏈 NFL 21-22

Normally treat Dallas Cowboys with same contempt I have for Man U and Real Madrid, but I wish they had held on to beat Brady last night.

Lost 31-29 to a last second field goal and will look back at the two sitters thier own kicker missed in the 1st half.

I have the same hopes for the Dolphins that I have every year, they normally get crushed pretty quickly.

Opener against the Patriots on Sunday evening.

Niners stop Lions 1sr drive and then Garropola drops 1st snap and gives it straight back. Not the start to shut the critics (Sims and Florio). Lions miss field goal.

I am in shock, the 'fins actually managed to beat the Pats, stop the world I want to get off…

Beat them last season as well didn’t they?

Not at Foxborough , not get the best record at Foxborough to be honest, only won there once in the previous 10 years…

And the Dolphins are back to form…dominating time of possession but unable to put any points on the board…

Tua stretchered off.

Niners win away again.

Browns play awful compared to last week but get the win.

Cracking late game. Ravens after a dodgy start, managed a one point win over the Chiefs.

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