🏈 NFL 2018/19 season

Season gets going good and proper in a few minutes, after champeens the Eagles got a narrow win over the much fancied Falcons the other night.

Any predictions for the next few months?

My beloved, shimmering Dolphins will be even more dogshit than usual. I’m fairly certain of that.

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I predict that I’ll be getting quite drunk and having a good time at the Chargers vs Titans game at Wembley next month :+1::beer::football:

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o really??


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I honestly don’t know what to think about it at this stage. I mean, only two games in and everything. But the Dolphins have got a running game. And they’ve looked pretty comfortable.

Until Frank Gore gets injured :joy:

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When was the last time he got injured? Like 2009 or something stupid.

Maybe, but he’s playing for the Dolphins now…

Fuuuuck, I lost internet at half time, when the Dolphins were shat out and bollocked. Come back at the two minute warning and they’ve staged an incredible comeback. I wish I knew how it happened.

So, normal service is resumed.

Mind you the hyperbole from everyone about how the Patriots are back is quite irksome.

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Fecking Dolphins showing everyone how to throw a game away :lou_facepalm_2:

See the Wembley game was a blowout as well, can’t remember the last close game there.

I take it back :dolphin:s win

On my way…



Not sure about the mean and moody look…

Go the 'fins, gods but that was an attritional game, at least they seem to have got their D# in order.

Saw Neil Reynolds at the Eagles game last weekend, well he and his cohort of minders nearly ran me down in his rush to get out of the Tailgate Party. Any one else here got a severe dislike of him?

He annoys the shit out of me, yeah.

The whole Sky NFL set-up since they lost Kevin Cadle has been woeful. MOTD standard ‘say what you see’ punditry from featureless nobodies.

If only the BBC had the rights to show games. Their team on the NFL show is brilliant. Experience, natural humour and proper insight.

I watched the 2nd London game on the BBC and I must admit I was impressed by the commentary team.

Reynolds seems to get quotes from the US press and roll them out as if there his own insights!!