Next bad thing inbound for football?

HMRC’s Jennie Granger says 43 players & 12 football clubs in UK, plus 8 agents, are under inquiry around the issue of image rights

Retweeted by Matt Slater. Could end up with back tax issues & more…

Over to you guys with wifi

Feck, I thought you were going to mention Ifantile’s thought about 48 teams in the world cup finals!!

Think that is bollox should have 98 teams in it with 4 divisions promotion & a top 4 playoff.

And give me the image rights of course

Also should be Franchises. The Nordics, TheBaltics, Celticland etc

Then they can sell the games so you can have ENG V GERMANY at the New York Giants Stadium

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All I thought was, oh fucking hell where is Redknapp going to manage and bankrupt now?

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Perhaps Harry will be under investigation for his image rights. Although he obviously loves a cash “tickle” he’s done a great job of promoting his image as being a complete cunt, so as it’s counter productive, i’m sure it’s tax deductible.

This issue did come to the fore when pompey were exposed as avoiding tax by paying players ‘image rights’ on top of wages.

It was argued that some second string players were not justifying £40k a week in shirt sales.

So HMRC came down on top of them like a ton of bricks by waving goodbye to the £35m they were owed.