Newsnight Libya

Newsnight Libya


Simply depressing and hope has all but vanished from that place, what can we do?


Could just bomb the fuck out of the place until they give in.


Try to convince Paxman to come back.


At least we know why Cameron went.


Yeah bombing, Arab Spring & regime change has had a great track record & ROI.

For Western Arms manufacturers.


what was the report last week about Britain being the second biggest arms dealer in the world and happy to sell to the middle east and other trouble spots?


Lagging just behind the US. Amazing that we do more business than the likes of Russia.


this one


We’re making a killing. How the people of the Middle East must love us.


Love him or hate him, RB (not Sotonians RB… although there’s a good conspiracy right there) was asking questions about the British arms trade over a year ago.