News and current affairs and stuff

Ello one and all. Probably one, but one can translate into millions if it’s an amoeba but not babelfish (is that still going?).

I need a source or sources of information. I mean good information like how the Beeb and even the half-decent broadsheets used to be. I wish now to be informed about current, current affairs, what happens in life - even things like soap opera and who Taylor Swift is now not shagging -think about that one Barry et al*, and Hi, btw - and essentially to immerse myself seamlessly back into humanfold and life. Well, kind of; basically I want good quality stuff without having to watch a lot of TV and listen to a lot of wholly pointless, but everyday, conversations. I want variety, volume and not necessarily in too much depth.Bit like: “Madeline McCann, Portugal, don’t go there - Oops, too late!”.

I’ll ask here because if you lot don’t know given your eclecticism (and that includes those in climes far away, btw) then I can only assume any such sources are now underground.

Muchas gracias.

* If you don’t get it, I’ll answer when I get enough replies or summat to work with.

Danny la Rue is dead!


Sorry. Didn’t want to give the impression that I’m celebrating Danny La Rue’s death.

More bletch’s tardiness.


Is he?

Oh well. I’m over it now.