:pl: :newcastlefc: Newcastle United v Saints :saints:

:newcastlefc: v :saints:

We will lose this because its Eddie Howe and we should have hired him when we had the chance but now we are shit

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Meh, no poll, we all know the result of this game…except maybe @PhilippineSaint


It would be very Saintsy to win this just to give the impression of hope

But we won’t. We’re getting thrashed.


Luckily it is my wedding anniversary and me and Mrs C_S will be out for a long lunch

I eloquently told her of the sacrifice I’ve made l to not watch the game. She doesn’t believe a word of it…. :joy:

Bednarek hasn’t scored an own goal for a while, I think we will overperform losing 1-0 to a Janny-B OG.

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We will play like we did at The Arse for first 50 mins but keep it up for 95 a transformed team that everybody will be wondering where has this team been all year

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Part 1 of my Northern Sporting Trilogy ended badly, as Carlisle lost 2-3 at home to the evil Salford Empire.

Ritual slaughter tomorrow followed by grudge golf match on Monday.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Eric is already in a Pub in Newcastle

Barcodes primarily play a low block & rip teams with pace on transition
(Wtf does that mean?)
We will set up as usual with the usual result against teams that sit deep.
The moron has to start Sulemanna we have to fight pace with pace


5-5-0 :+1:

Would have been nice to see this team against Bournemouth. Numpties.

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I think I actually dislike Selles more than Jones.

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So let’s just pop Djenepo up front today shall we and see what he can do?

Probably going to be left wingback. We don’t play anybody upfront.


What’s the point?

Just like that team at 4pm

55-0 I thought that was the score for a minute

Sad thing is my reaction was

“oh, that a bit shitter than normal’