🖌 New theme

I’ve installed a new theme from the good folks at Discourse.

It’s called Lightbox and you can find it in your Settings -> Preferences -> Interface.

Love the bit of thread you used for this!


Appreciate the work you put in :fu:

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I know I’m a Technofucktard but I went to Settings, then Preferences, then Interface.

Am struggling to see anything remotely “lightboxish”

I’m metaphorically in the dark. Can you shead some light on it @saintbletch?

Me too…what’s this fictitious “Lightbox” supposed to do??

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Look at the very first post of the screenshot- thought it sums it up quite nicely

  • if only I’d known it would be used in this thread…


Right I’m mullered as I’ve been out since 7 walking and drinking in reading and then back to Beastleigh and out of friends. My legendary alcohol limits have been treated to the full so you’re all complete cunts. Anyway here’s a screenshot to set you right (you cunts)…

Maybe try and reload the page?

OK it appears to be there now…mind you I’d need to wear sunglasses to use it. :lou_wink_2:


I’m typing this blind…

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Just tried it and although bright, i like it, except(sorry @saintbletch) the black, for serious discussions. That looks horrible and on a phone. It seems to impose to much, so i worry that i’m hitting that, rather than the thread title.
Apart from that, bright, and distinguishable works well on a small screen.

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Yeah, i agree about the colours.

I brought over the colours for categories from the previous forum which were set by someone that thinks Def Leppard yellow, DragonForce green and Black Sabbath black make good bedfellows.

Until this theme (which I like too) the category colours weren’t that prominent. Now they are, I think I might rejig them in pastel tones with flowers and paisley swirls.

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Ffs…we’ve all said before, no Paisley!!

With you all the way, up till pastel tones.
No further though :cherry_blossom:

Look much better now.
Thanks @saintbletch.