New Sotonians users must

New Sotonians users must


…send a message to @discobot and in the message body type:

@discobot start new user

It will start a mini tutorial

How to send a measage to discobot?

  • Press your image in the top right corner.

  • Press the envelope.

  • Click New Message

  • Enter discobot as the recipient

  • Give the message a subject - anything will do

  • In the message body type

    @discobot start new user

  • discobot will reply to you and then guide you through a tutorial of some of the basic Discourse features.



Can an existing Sotonian get a tutorial please?

It taking me several minutes to even post this


Anyone can run the tutorial as described above.

Perhaps I’ll write a general overview of the screens and their layout.

Would that help?


That would be great when you have a chance, cheers


Take a look here and see if this sort of thing would help.


No video there! (At least on my mobile)


The video is there on my phone


Yeah, mine too.

@Bucks, the video actually looks like the forum itself.

Could it be that the video is there, but, because it looks identical to the forum, it looks like it’s not there?


@saintbletch is basically calling @Bucks an idiot.


Then (a) he is right, as I can now see the bloody video - thanks, and (b) I have called him much worse, but only to his face.


I plan to do a number of them, probably all much shorter than that, just to explain basic concepts to new users.


Will you do one to explain what a video is and how we can recognise one?


Nobody is stupid enough to need that, not even @Bucks on a cider binge at The Stable.