New signing imminent?

Ok, how do I post a Twitter blockquote?

Shlong new contract. Four years.


Excellent news. Now only Tadic to tie down.


This makes me happy :lou_lol:

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bloody ace news

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Fab news indeed. Brilliant player, really important for us.


There’s a video on the Saints website but have no idea how to post a link on my mobile…

Wonderful news, finally. And that completes all the contracts that my source spoke of, and I passed on to you in good faith.

[Cedric’s is a very recent addition to the contracts list, preserving an asset after a successful tournament].

Originally posted by Jack [four weeks ago]

Other things that have happened today also mean that agreed contract I spoke of should get a little closer to acquiring the signatures it needs. :lou_wink_2:

[Republic of Ireland were eliminated from the Euros]

Originally posted by Jack [Two weeks ago]

I asked again about this other bloody contract that is “all agreed but still awaiting a signature” – and was simply told “relax - you already know that he’s still on leave after International duty”. So from that I should imagine it’ll be announced pretty shortly after he arrives back from holiday.

Shane arrives back on Wednesday…

and on Thursday…


What a massive surprise. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Enjoy the rest of your summer. The good news isn’t over yet. :lou_sunglasses:


Ooh Jack. You tease

gavstar posted this 20 June 2016

Donation to good cause made, and I’m so blindingly optimistic he will sign a new contract I’m going to put forward ‘A Shlong for Europe’. I think it meets the criteria of being Saints and Europe related, plus it can be a bit rude if you want it to be.

Nice to see my blinding optimism pay off for once :lou_lol: