New school team mascot names


Was watching a local game and was thinking that we need some new mascot names instead of the usual run of the mill regurgitated names like ‘tigers’ and ‘magpies’.

I mean, who wouldn’t support the ‘lyre birds’ or the ‘drop bears?’. Imagine the glory when the ‘glow worms’ bring home the cup?


The Mike Drops would be worth seeing

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Fuck pigs.


Shit cunts.


Wank fists.


Cum chops.


Surprised nobody wants to follow the Cock Wombles tbh


Time to transfer @Goatboy to the “I’m twatted” thread


I am 'shopping" in London with Mrs and kid. By shopping I mean praying for more booze stops.


Shopping - a pastime that reduces men to a constant state of scuffing and huffing. Can often result in RSI in wrist from repeated checking of time.


Duck Hunts.

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