:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


Where do you think all the money from auto enrolment will end up? Next year 8% of everyone salary has to go somewhere.

I am will to bet in a sale situation, the employees fund wil be allocated the capital element of the sale proceed, the employees will get their £500 and the govt will get the rest.


Like I said, some will have the minimum - many none.

The constant promise of jam tomorrow is the new breed’s litany and verse.

But there are inequalities to be righted today.

Many aren’t eating swan and caviar tonight.

Don’t know. Perhaps the profit above £500 will go into old age pensions. Then we’re all happy.

Like I say, I think there is the kernel of a great idea here. As ever, it’s the details that will damn or define it.

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I work for a company that gives me discounted shares every year I have to keep these shares for a minimum 3 years before I can sell them. It actually means and does nothing for me as it is a waste of my time to look at the share price and say do i sell or keep. I will keep accepting the freeish shares and when I eventually leave the job cash them in like a pension.


Obviously this is the way Labour want to approach this - but personally if we’re about to drive off a cliff with Brexit, it would make far more sense to go New Labour for the first couple of budgets, and then go hard in on the leftist policies.

With the fact no-one knows what Brexit will bring, going after the large multi-nationals is a, frankly, idiotic idea. However much people believe they don’t pay enough tax, they don’t give enough back etc, post Brexit we will need them to provide jobs and inputs into the economy to steady the waters.

This also allows the Conservatives to continue with Operation Fear, and to ensure everyone knows that Labour are taking too many risks.

This is just another example of Corbyn being clueless (or being advised very badly) - he needed to position himself nearer centre, and I really don’t understand why he isn’t.


Because the last thing the majority of people want, is anything to do a Blair kind of pretend centre ground.
You’re basically asking for things to stay the same, which is shit for the bulk of the working population.
No one answered my question on potential tax raises, so i assume no higher earner would be worse off than before Cameron. Selfish fuckers.


Assuming that they bring the tax down to 45% for £85k, then yes anyone earning between £85k and £150 is going to be worse off to the tune of £3250 - anyone over £150k will not be worse off

Given that people earning above £85k are paying a considerable amount of tax already, it hardly makes them selfish fuckers.


Sorry but anyone that took tax breaks, whilst the pig fucker said “all in it together” and destroyed the life’s of the disabled and most needy is indeed a selfish fucker(you know my views).
Thanks for the figures though. It’s not a lot, so they can afford it. Are they comparable to pre Cameron or just the difference from present tax?


Er, don’t think it works that way skip.

Those earning over £150K are still only paying 40% on income between £85k and £149,999, 45% on all money after that.

So post change, everyone will be paying 45% for everything over £85K, including those on £150K or over.


Thats what I said wasn’t it


No it wasn’t - my mistake


Pre cameron - the 85 to 150k lot will be worse off

The 150 to 215 lot are also worse off but by a diminishing amount

Anyone over 215 is better off by 5% of whatever they earn over 215


They would be worse off.

I don’t know from my point of view as self-employed, but be interested to see what their plan is for people like me.


Of course they can afford it, it’s more along the lines of whether it is fair or not.


Is it going to be any worse than Spreadshit Phil and Gideon?

Genuinely having difficulty thinking of worse chancellors for contractors. They’ve inflated the cost of public sector, deflated rates in the private sector ( supply and demand, init - loads of former public sector peeps hitting my private sector patch ).

“Helped” by the twat Grayling running Transport, there’s even less feasible work, travel wise, than there was before. It’s near impossible to get into Manchester from Liverpool for 9am each morning on a reliable basis, and the motorways are god-awful in most directions.


Dont worry - all the public sector bods will feck off back there next year because phil is going to fuck the private sector contractors in the autumn statement


Yeah, I don’t know - it was a genuine “I don’t know”. As you say it probably can’t be any worse - although I have to say I haven’t seen any rate drops myself.

However, looking at the recent IR35 cases in the Public Sector I think they’re going to have to reverse the way it works - they’re are some landmark cases coming through now which makes the CEST test completely infeasible.


We’ll see - there is going to be a fuck load of litigation going on if he does. Also, speaking to my last company, my latest company and my sister (works in HR for another large company), all £3bn+ turnover companies, they’re not worried about it in the slightest, they think they can still apply IR35 without it becoming an issue.


One of the big reasons I’m thinking of going perm. The other big reasons are that perm salaries have caught up, particularly when you roll in the benefits.

There used to be a time when contracting was clearly the better option. With employers recognising that actually, developers are quite handy, along with Spreadshit Phil doing his level best to kill bespoke discrete software development in this country, it’s no longer that clear cut.


Ha, don’t ever go into the public sector then. The one big plus about the public sector is job security (basically you’d have to a mass murderer to get sacked) and the pension…