:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


Centre left MP?
That would only be true if you consider fascism the centre ground.


Has Stephen Kinnock had a non political job?
Has his father Neil Kinnock had a non political Job?

Labour politicians that have never worked ?


If it were true would that make a difference?


Barry, I met Luciana in 2012 when she was my MP. Incidentally, I didn’t vote for her in the 2010 General Election. I was one of many local residents that objected to her selection, then a 26 year old with no previous ties to the city, over and above local candidates that had been campaigning in the area for decades. Ricky Tomlinson briefly considered standing as a socialist Labour candidate.

Prior to taking her very safe seat, Ms Berger was the de facto head of LFI, at a time when the organisation was spending around 10m on candidate selection. She is also close to Euan Blair.

Now what was it you told me that I didn’t already know?





I reckon Chuka might resign before he’s pushed.


You just joined the party and were all keen to go to the meetings, you said you thought she was good. This was a period in your life of denial though, you didn’t acknowledge where I lived…


Really? Bollocks.


Ok, a slight exaggeration, but none of these people have any place in a left leaning party.
If you miss Tony, have a little sing.


I think she is very good at certain parts of being an MP. Excellent on a one to one level. Not so good at the bigger picture. Didn’t strike me as particularly Labour.


Thank you, tone down your shite.


Code for Pap was talking bollocks.


Tone down what shit? They’re still closer to fascist than socialists.



Hmm. My thoughts vs your memory and interpretation of my thoughts.

There’s a contest. Settled by reading TSW 2012 era stuff, I reckon. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. Bust out your Alta Vista and have an unproductive Sunday, Bazza :smiley:


Labour MPs in fresh challenge to Corbyn over purge fears

“I’m horrified that they’ve infiltrated the Labour party in this way and I think it needs to be investigated, because it is incredibly serious.”
Said the chair of the labour friends of apartheid. Comedy gold😂


Seems like they couldn’t get him on the Jewish issue so have moved on to a different approach- next!