New Manager, Still Unaware Other Clubs Exist

New Manager, Still Unaware Other Clubs Exist


T’interwebs seem to be awash with talk of our old pals, and Northern Satellite club being back in for yet another one of our players (kind of).

It appears that Jurgen is keen to shore up his defence, so wants…Steven Caulker?

Liverpool’s search for central defensive reinforcement has led them to Queens Park Rangers’ Steven Caulker, who they want on loan for the rest of the season.

Caulker is Currently on a season-long loan at Southamptonbut has struggled to secure a regular place in Ronald Koeman’s side and could have the move terminated this month if, as Liverpool hope, QPR agree to another temporary deal.

The 24-year-old, who began his career at Tottenham Hotspur, has not played forSouthampton since they were beaten 6-1 by Liverpool in the Capital One Cup quarter-final.

Jürgen Klopp lost all four of his established central defenders to injury for Friday’s FA Cup tie at Exeter City – Martin Skrtel, Dejan Lovren, Mamadou Sakho and Kolo Touré. Both Touré and Sakho are expected to be fit for Arsenal’s visit to Anfield on Wednesday but the Liverpool manager is keen for experienced cover given the club’s on-going injury problems.



The are Liverpool, loved by all, but none more than the BBC… They can do what they like you know!


I just don’t get it. I thought it was odd when we signed him.

Considering our defence has been piss poor all season, and he can’t even get n our piss poor defence (fite me Virgil-ista’s), why the fuck do Liverpool want him?


Also, they know by mentioning this, that Mr Caulker will be unsettled or even more unsettled and of course want to go to the mighty Liverpool.

I fucking hate the so called top clubs in the English league, as this is just out and out not playing ball fairly and using their ‘big club’ muscle, to obtain what they require unfairly. I think it is called tapping up!


I’ll drive him there, just getting in the car now, meet him at the front.



Have you no positional sense at all??


You only gave him 8 minutes, he is not that fast!


Can’t blame Klopp for this one. Must have been impressed by Caulker when we played them in the Capital One.

Though I think somebody ought to tell Jurgen that if Steven signs for Liverpool, he won’t be aiding Sturridge in scoring goals.


I assume we will only agree for a loan release fee of £2m though, so far from a done deal.


You go and watch him be outstanding for them, or outstanding in Liverpool standards!


2 relegations in the last 2 seasons. More than happy for him to go to them and let him continue that run.

(I know it won’t but I can dream)


Caulker’s gone!

We stopped at Warwick Services, I just drove off when he went to the toilet.

He’ll be fine.


Apparently it is a done deal LOL


Well he did say he’d walk there if he had the chance of signing…it was good of you to take him that far.


I can’t quite believe that this has actually happened, it’s like WT actual F!!


It was only the other day that Koeman was saying that Caulker would be seeing out his loan period. I can only guess that they have had a rethink and have decided to use the money better elsewhere. It does leave us with the Yoshi problem though if either VvD or Fonte get crocked.


Maybe Ron likes the look of Stephens?


Yoshi is a more than adequate CB it’s the RB/LB position that he has a problem with.


I assume its all a hilarious misunderstanding anyor all of

  1. They needed somone to open all the wine in hospitality and it was demanded that the position was filled *Stat*

  2. There was a pressing need to fill the captaincy role after gerard left and this was left lying around

  1. Someone misherd when they said ‘the best way to stop leaking at the back is to get a Cork in’

  2. They thought it was Jack Cork

  3. Somone really wants to write the headline ‘Kopps Klopp Kops Crap Caulker’


It is a bizarre move, especially after Klopp saw his finest hour first hand.

A bloke who can’t force his way into a leaky defence…

Smacks of Brendan Rodgers this one.

Pity we didn’t buy him and make £10m along the way.