New Manager - Claude Sacked

Claude officially sacked.

New manager sweepstake time? I’d be breaking out the champagne for Thomas Tuchel

That would be my choice. Probably not then.

Smug alert… :cool:

So when I posted seven days ago that he would be gone in seven days…

Can you do one for T.May?


It’s nothing you’ve done Claude, it’s us, we’ve changed, we’ve grown apart.

We thought we loved you but it just isn’t working, so it’s best for both of us.

No, of course there isn’t anyone else, it’s just that we need time to think…yes, alone, so let’s call it a trial, we’ll see how it goes…yes, maybe, we might get back together, we’ll see… :grimacing:

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Lots of bemused fans from other teams on Twitter - clearly they haven’t watched us this season.

Seems like a nice bloke and took us to a cup final but a severely underwhelming league performance and bottled the EL.

Onwards and upwards chaps!

Looking forward to this. :grinning:

I seriously hope they have the next incumbent signed up, really I do.

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I like the dropping of this at the same time as the fixture list. Nice touch.

Fairly optimistic that the club wouldn’t get rid of Puel before having a good replacement lined up.

Tuchel not odds-on but certainly way out in front as favourite according to SkyBet (11/8 as I type but doubtless this’ll quickly change)

Redknapp is only 50-1 how can that be?

How do you let your phone get down to 33%? You probably drive on E too!


In fairness I am on holiday (as is evident from Vodafone ES). I’m also a firm believer in the “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” principle - hence the fecklessness…


The same source who gave our crew the Puel going then gone heads up says we interviewed Tuchel.

He won’t be getting the job.

There you go.

Probably IRK horse shit but might save you a fi we with the bookies.

When in recent years have we appointed the bookies and/or fans favourite anyway?

No doubt it will be a completely left field appointment and catch us all off guard. I’m hoping for someone that can speak English a little clearer than Puel so that we can at least have an idea what they are trying to achieve on the pitch, even when it isn’t too obvious. I’m sure he wasn’t aiming for the team to keep a clean sheet for the opposition…

Nice to see Saints espousing loyalty. No wonder every cunt wants to leave as soon as Jurgen gurns seductively.

So we want someone a little more flamboyant. A good communicator. Someone with a bit more thrust up front even if sacrifices are made at the back.

Stephen Fry?


I can totally believe that. He has been the only real name heavily mentioned in recent weeks so it is bound to be somebody else.

Ah well, it wouldn’t be a Saints appointment if I didn’t have to google the bloke!

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The ball-achingly protracted process of interviewing, assessing, deliberating and eventually choosing the poor fucker in the first place must place doubt on the Boards ability to select appropriately. For me, it’s as much an admission of their poor performance as Claude’s. I hope the club learn their lesson and appoint swiftly, giving the new man time to assemble his staff and squad, instead of arseing about and running out of time, selling VVD two days before the window ends and not having time to spend the money (if he goes of course, hop he doesn’t).

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Anyone else going to have a fissy hit if our new manager is unable to Gurn properly?

Something isn’t sitting quite right with me about this. Seen a fair number of fans actually celebrating that they contributed in making our ex-manager’s position untenable. Feels a bit classless?


I don’t believe you can throw the same label at Puel. Conducted himself well right up to the final day of the season. I shall never forget the unjustifiable level of toxicity we conjured against Stoke. It said more about us and how entitled we’ve become than it did about Claude.

He may never have been the right fit (and our recruitment team must take responsibility for that). His interviews may have been dull. The football we played under him may too often have been dull (though it’d be hugely revisionist to claim it always was). But was he really given a fair crack at it?

Asked to improve upon Koeman’s position but without Wanyama, Mané and Pelle - all of whom were worth points across a season under RK. Incumbents that failed to reach the same heights. Austin out for virtually the whole season when he looked the only man capable of putting away the chances we were failing to convert. Having to juggle the most matches we’d ever had to face in a season…

Fans are very quick to preach the need for loyalty, but this proves it doesn’t exist from our side either. No doubt those jubilant over Puel’s departure will be sending snake emojis to the next manager when he’s poached in 2 years’ time.

So cheers, Claude. I’m a little saddened that it had to end this way and I sincerely hope it works out best for both parties. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that day at Wembley.