New Labour in trouble

Now that Corbs has secured the support of most of the rest of the party, it’s time for New Labour to make the last rolls of the dice when it comes to their ill-fated quest for minority factional supremacy.

Yvette Cooper put all her chips on the long shot Laura K this week, saying that she was sick to death of the vitriol directed at the Tory propagandist.

This story from the Times, summarised by Skwawkbox, might be even more amusing.

How long has the Tony Blair Fan Club got left before folk stop taking it seriously?

According to the Times, a group of mostly worn-out old ‘moderates’ are ready to step down to trigger by-elections they hope will punish Labour members for wanting to remove some of their bright (seriously) young allies via that dread word, ‘deselection’:

The insider said: “Any attempt by the hard left to increase their stranglehold over the party will backfire. There are a number of older MPs who are serving their last term and were planning to stand down before the snap general election who would be prepared to go, triggering by-elections. In marginal seats, that could be particularly damaging to the leadership.”

This is most likely either right-wing posturing or Murdoch stirring. But if it’s true, it amounts to “If you lefties try to get rid of us, we’ll make you pay. You just watch – we’ll leave! See what you do then, commie!”

This is the blairite equivalent of the famously funny ‘suicide squad’ in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, who come to ‘rescue’ Brian by killing themselves to spite the occupiers.

lob suic.gif

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Bye bye Blairites.

Labour members will be given the power to select candidates for key marginals, a member of the party’s national executive committee has confirmed.

Alice Perry, local government representative on the ruling NEC, ended weeks of uncertainty when she confirmed Labour will allow local parties to carry out their own selections this autumn as preparations continue for another snap general election. It is a contrast to the imposition of candidates which Labour headquarters carried out in the spring following Theresa May’s sudden decision to go to the polls.

My partner was invited by our local MP to go to Port Cullis house, meet some other local members, have a talk from Keir Starmer followed by a look around the Chambers of the commons and lords. So I tagged along having never been to the Palace of Wesminster.

The commons is quite small. The lords is a bit bling bling. We sat is Strangers gallery and watched some tedious debate. There were about 7 people in there. They should set up a forum and have a thread instead.

Anyway may get a bit more involved. Local MP isn’t the biggest fan of Corbyn but she seems liked in the area so will be interesting in regards to members choosing candidates.