New kit

I was beginning to think that the club had done a double cross by releasing early a kit which wasn’t the real kit. Turns out that it actually was released early by someone (who presumably not longer works for UA). The kit looks nice but I’m a bit under whelmed …

New kit pics

My youngest has already said he prefers the away kit.

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Remind me of 2004/05 and Prutton, Le Saux, Davenport and Redknapp x 2.


Both hideous.

Why can’t Under Armour employ someone with a decent eye?

It’s a kit, it’s red & white and it has stripes. It’s OK…pretty ambivalent about it as usual.


Better than that abomination from last season & harks back to ‘76.

Looks alright, not as good as last year, but better than the one the season before.

Away kit looks like all the other yellow and blue one’s we had while we were in the championship and League 1. Would prefer a predominantly yellow with blue trim one like the proper 76 strip.

It is the 1st kit I will be buying sincec2014.

I care not what it looks like, I care only that it is OUR shirt and I will be wearing it with pride in front of 200,000 spectators and about 500million on TV in Paris in September.

It will be an epic shirt


Sod the kit.

THIS photo is the best bit of the whole mess

Franakin Skywalker


Just seen the three shirts on sale on the under armour site, in case anybody is interested. Even the white one.

With an additional 25% off at the checkout you can get them for £31 :+1:t2:

I quite like the white shirt but that sponsors logo is an abomination.

Yeah I agree. I’m not buying any of them, just came up when looking for training gear and thought it was a reasonable price.

Are our sponsors even trading yet?

In China it’s very fashionable to wear “T” shirts with text in Ingrish. Conversely you should always double check the translation of Chinese Script when wearing a Sponsor’s Logo…someone might be shitting with you…

Reminds me of one I saw years ago “I like the Pope because the Pope smokes Pope” with a picture of JP II below.