:theshirt: New Kit (or maybe not!)


Does anyone have any idea what is going on with the new kit? Mr Tigger is driving me mad with his moaning about it


I was in the store at the Stadium last week and they didn’t have a release date but said that as soon as they do it will be all over social media. I told them that was a huge help.


Being a man he wants a reason why other clubs could get their kits sorted but Saints can’t. Not that I am saying he has no patience of course


I’m hoping that they are withdrawing all adult size replica kits in order to smarten up our fanbase.

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I’d just like my season ticket…cutting that fine too. :frowning:


And still we wait…


My season ticket arrived yesterday - cutting it a little fine, but at least the first home game isn’t until the 17th.


Did they really lose a container in transit?
Or was that Twitter twats?


Tbh, that IS worthy of a meltdown…


€75!! That’s about £73.50!!

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Also no sponsor’s logo!!!


Logo not sticking to the shirt is the problem


Quality quality control right there :rofl:

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Nobody wants the fucking logo anyway.


Sounds like that might have been leaked by UnderArmour.

Very keen to point out the we (probably) took responsibility for affixing the LDSports logo AFTER manufacture.

I bet they (UA) are fuming.


One way to get out of the contract!

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Fuck the kit launch…where’s my season ticket!!