:home_shirt_2023::away_shirt_2022: New Kit Alert

Unfortunately, this isn’t a hoax!

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You, on a beach, with Taylor Swift…
Net kicks present :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::innocent::innocent:

Ralph summed it up best…“What was that”

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Love the white shirt

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Like the away shirt.

Like the away and 3rd kits, but the home kit looks like a mid table championship strip. I hope it grows on me…

I haven’t liked the home kit since the sash.


If anyone sees any good offers on the new kit can they post a link please?

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If the home kit didn’t have that thick black band at the top it would look better. I like the other two though.

Matt Lettuce.
Shane Long Island Ice Tea
Liverpool FC press 2 and hold.

There are some gems in the full video on the OS, even Mrs P_F :rofl::rofl::rofl:’d

What the fuck is that travesty on the left.

(For the avoidance of doubt, I was referring to the shirt)

It’s red and white stripes…eeeessss OK.

Angus Gunn has the most tubular legs I’ve ever seen. Absolute drainpipes. No calf definition…

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We have officially responded :wink:


Actually like the Air Florida / Rank Xerox remake.

But the home kit has not been inspiring. This is a new nadir.

Who’s the “We”?

There should have been a democratic binding referendum before issuing a statement of that importance, surely?

I quite like the home top and white away top (sponsorship logo is cack I’ll admit that)


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We tried democracy, but @Tokyo-Saint took the piss.

All hail the glorious dictatorship.


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Caption competition…