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So time to kick this off again.
It is important as next Season I have to buy (or get donated) a shirt to wear in Rome next September.
So my personal wish is something I can wear to the pub without shame. Nah that won’t happen, Mbappe is staying at PSG.


What do we fancy gang.

You’re switching clubs then? :thinking: Who are you planning to support?

I was thinking more something in Black.
With Black logos

I do like the replica shirts, but live them through the boy now. I find grown person in the replica a little strange in day to day life, but perhaps that is just me. Even when I play I wear a training top or just a sports top.

The above is a shame, as I really like the tops around the world that you can buy now, and if they had these options when I was younger I would have been all over it. But there is just something odd to me with a grown person out with their family on a day trip in their clubs strip, or even worse when in Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available), there is a bloke here in Carlisle who wears the full Liverpool kit (no shinnys). At football I get it more, but still would not do it myself anymore.

I hope it is something good so I can kit the boy out though.

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Yeah, these days I much prefer the training tops when I’m exercising or the casual wear (polo shirts) for a leisure setting!!

Ah, found what I was looking for :-

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Are we solely recycling old designs?

That was a mock up on twitter by a nerd.

What do you fancy?

(Kit wise that is)

TBH I don’t care…as long as the first kit is red and white. The change stip can be pink shirts with frilly lace edgings for all I care.


To be fair what can you really do with red and white stripes?

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FFS, don’t give them ideas. :rage: Before you know it they’ll be using those for the first team, in the name of diversity. :rage::rage:


Im pretty sure its a load of codswhallop but

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That’s bad.

Not real either, thank God.

Really? It looked so convincing.

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On second look I’m sure that isn’t Prowsey either :face_with_monocle:


Should have gone to Specsavers…

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This is the instagram page of the company that have done the mock ups so far :-


I like this but with solid red on the right side (the side with the diagonal stripes)

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