New Guardian exposé of tax avoidance


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Looks like Usmanov is funding Moshiri, conflict of interest?

The BBC are late as usual

I THINK the BBC is part of the coalition of investigative journalists looking into this.

Panorama did a special on Everton and Usmanov tonight.



I’m pretty sure Robert Mueller already has this stuff. Not sure Trump can deny that Jared is a minor volunteer.

Sorry i’m getting carried away here :lou_facepalm_2:

Ok thanks

No need to get carried away I guess, the Panama Papers expose should have resulted in a change of law. This is no different. No one gives a shit really.

Another 20 odd people dead

The real Everton owner hiding in the background behind a trail of paperwork?..That deal has shades of pompey all over it.

And not in a good way.

Smells like

I think that’s largely true.

The wealthy in “Tax Avoidance Shock!”

Who’d have thunk it!

WTF? Wealthy avoiding taxes/

FFS next you’ll be telling me that global corporations don’t pay tax.

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I do wonder if the super wealthy actively look for way not to pay tax or they are presented with a scheme by their advisers who say here is a way to cut your tax bill by x%. It is legal but right on the edge.

Maybe the governments should actively target the advisory firms. The Criminal Finances Act goes someway to adressing this but until the people at the top of these firms are held personally criminally and financially liable for the tax evasion scheme that their companies and staff promote, then it will continue.

They also need to introduce this legislation worldwide.

Evasion and avoidance are sometimes confused.

Everyone should sort their tax affairs in an efficient manner and not pay a higher rate than is required by law.

Then if their longing to support further community projects isn’t satisfied by their taxation, they can do it via charity.

The real problem is when corporations that are clearly making millions, find loopholes between countries and dodge the fucking lot.


Couldn’t agree more RB.

But that is the legal environment that has been created - companies will use all legal means at their disposal to maximise shareholder return. That is their boards priority. If you want them to stop, then create a tax system that prevents it.

If the UK levied a sales tax on internet transactions, then the likes of google and amazon wouldn’t have a choice but to contribute and if they refused to pay, then we can turn off their website (chinese seem to manage it) - you would soon find out just how much our market was actually worth to them

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You can imagine my excitement when I got news of a Tax Rebate this morning…

HM Revenue Transaction Confirmation : 36802340581811
Please retain for your records
_ _
Thank you
We’ve tried to send your tax refund directly on your credit/debit card, but
we don’t have that information stored.
You have received this email to be notified that HM Revenue has issued a refund
and you’ll receive a full refund of GBP 321.85 directly on your credit/debit card.
Transaction details:
Transaction for the value of: 321.85
Description: Subscription HM Revenue
Merchant’s cart ID: 9CDD-401-647203
Authorisation Date/Time: 06/November/2017 07:28:33
HM Revenue transaction ID: 38793038855663
If you want to receive your refund, complete your request here: Link provided

Of course I rushed off my card details to complete my unexpected rebate.


I wonder if the Queen will have to serve time if found guilty or whether she has a lackey to do that for her?