New forum Update - planned for w/e 23 June

Hi, a quick update on the new forum. I’ve got another test to run to ensure people can either login or recover their passwords and if that goes ok we’ll be moving over at the weekend.

We will have some downtime during the migration and I will share a text number for anyone having problems logging in.

More details to follow…

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Just had a thought, not that I’m worried, but will you be moving our PMs over?


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My lewds are worth keeping

I resemble that remark :lou_lol:

I’ve still go some @bearsy NSFW material that I need to keep

Yes, Bob, although some have been confiscated by the Snuff Porn police and some by the RSPCA.

Discourse actually allows PMs between any number of people (like cc on email) so I’ve created the PMs with a subject of something like “Conversation between X and Y”.

Two things to know about PMs on discourse.

A conversation you previously had as private could be opened up to others now.

Admins (me and pap in the new system) can impersonate users if we need to which means we can read your PMs. But we could always do that by accessing the DB anyway.

What is this “TEXT” device of which you speak? It’s nothing to do with “Clever Phones” is it?

It’s like using your cans and string device to send morse code, only it goes around corners…


Roger, wilco, over and out.