New font size feature and Retorts are broken

Font Size

So, a nice new feature in the latest version of Discourse is the ability to change the size of the font you see.

You can set the font to be different sizes on each of the devices you use to access Sotonians.

For example, you can set the font size to be bigger on a phone than it is on, say, your PC.

To change the font size…

  1. Go to your user preferences ( Press your avatar symbol in the top right and click the cog )…

  1. Then go to the Preferences -> Interface screen…

This will look something like this on a mobile device…

  1. From here you can set the font size to be Smaller, Normal, Larger, Largest.

  2. If you want to use different text size on different devices then uncheck the box that says “Make this the default text size on all my devices”.

  3. Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.

Retort est Mort

For the time being I’ve had to remove the Retort facility as it seems to be incompatible with the latest Discourse.

I’ll report back with retort is back.

Fucking hell

Which cunt spent hours thinking this up?

I need Bazza’s and Paps posts smaller so I can’t read em not bigger :flushed::crazy_face:m


No idea

Do I give a fuck?

Hmmmm…going to bed…’night. :+1:

Quoi le fuck