New Features - 13th July 2018

New Features - 13th July 2018


A quick update on a few small changes.

Premier League Team Emoji

We now have an emoji for each of the teams in the Prem 2018-19.

To access them, start typing a : (colon) followed by the name of the team (Spurs are in as Tottenhamsomethingorother - sorry). Most names are logical-ish.

Burnley :burnleyfc:, Everton :evertonfc:, Leicester :leicesterfc:, Crystal Palace :crystalpalacefc:, Brighton :brightonfc:, Liverpool :liverpoolfc:, Wolves :wolvesfc:, Chelsea :chelseafc:, Bournemouth :bournemouthfc:, Newcastle :newcastlefc:, Man City :mancityfc:, Watford :watfordfc:, Fulham :fulhamfc:, Man U :manunitedfc:, Tottenham Hotspur :tottenhamfc:, Cardiff City :cardiffcityfc:, Arsenal :arsenalfc:, Huddersfield Town :huddersfieldtownfc:, West Ham :westhamfc:.

We also have pre-season opponents Celta Vigo :celtavigo: and Borussia Monchengladbach :borussiamonchengladbach: :lou_lol:

Fixtures Category

We now have a fixtures category underneath the main Football category.

I’ve created a topic in the fixtures category for every upcoming PL and Friendly game and will also add cup games as they are announced.

#Sotonians Calendar and Agenda
We now have a calendar for important Sotonians’ events. At the moment, all that is in here are the fixtures.

You can access the calendar and agenda pages from the Hamburger menu

The calendar page, unsurprisingly, gives you a month by month calendar view whereas the agenda gives you a list of the upcoming events in chronological order.


We now have the ability to associate a topic with a location. At the moment I have associated the fixtures with the stadium addresses.

See here.

This means that we can get a map of the upcoming fixtures. I’m not sure what value this adds but the geek in me has a boner.

Elections - Awards and The Next Soviet

I haven’t configured it yet, but we now have the ability to ask for nominations for an election and then run the election as a poll. It will make our end of year awards much easier and when we run the next @TheSoviet election it’ll come in handy too.


Who are we going to blame when we lose and the match thread title is made by the system?
I am assuming all those new threads are next seasons matches?

Or we can start blaming @saintbletch for all our troubles next season?


Ok - why can’t we post in the match threads for next season @saintbletch ?


It’s not a case or ‘we’ not being able to.

It’s just you that can’t, @Cobham-Saint.

I’ve been meaning to have a chat with you…

I’d temporarily turned off non-admin posting. I’ve approved your post now (hilarious BTW, truly).

I’ll open up post rights again in a mo.


What’s the word for someone who only sees problems and doesn’t see the beauty in the world?

Oh yes.

The word is cunt.


Perhaps you can be the second person to post in the thread.


Can someone point me in the direction of frequently asked questions? I can’t see it. Or, just tell me how I can set my profile so that when I click on a thread, it’s got the latest posts first? Currently if I click on a thread that has thousands of posts, it starts at post 1 for me, it’s not even like I can see page numbers and can go to the last page.




Hope you’re well mate.

The reason you’re starting at the beginning of all these threads is that you haven’t been around for ages and you haven’t posted.

There’s an easy way to get to the end of a thread. Are you on mobile / tablet, or are you on PC/Mac?


@Spudders, if you’re on PC or tablet, your screen looks like this…

Grab the post slider with the mouse/finger and slide it all the way to the bottom.


If you’re on mobile or small screen, then your screen will look something like this.

The post slider is at the bottom of the screen.

Click on it…

…and then drag the post slide to the bottom of the screen and you will be at the end of the thread.

Of course, you can actually stop dragging at any point to stop anywhere in the thread.


Thanks @saintbletch i’d seen the slider on my PC but not on my mobile, thanks to your wonderful instructions I’ve got it now, ta :+1:


Slide your finger all the way to the bottom.




Isn’t that the title of a retro art house movie that was doing the rounds on video in the late ‘90’s?