New Club and Team Captains

In the wake of Fonte’s departure

Southampton FC@ SouthamptonFC 3m3 minutes ago More

Claude Puel has confirmed that @ StevenDavis8 will be # SaintsFC’s new Club Captain, with @ VirgilvDijk as Team Captain.



Good choices. Happy with that.

Spot on.

Have no argument with that.


VvD captain for the next 8-9 days seems like a waste of time to be honest.

Nope, a good shout on both fronts. Hope Davis can get some of his class back too.

Not really … we can add an extra few million on the cost as he’s a captain :lou_lol:

No surprise the choice of captains, the rest of them are a bunch of fuckin’ whoppers, so I hear from a reliable source.

Nothing not to like. Move along